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REIKI I May 11th-13th 2018
REIKI II May 25th-27th 2018
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Ever dream life can be more?

Embrace the potential that anything is possible and release old patterns, illness, disease, and worries.

Claim the ability to step into new world, surrender the way it’s been. Fill with expectancy and find a new way, exploring the boundaries of self, love, fun and enthusiasm, and find a new clarity.

Reiki is an amazing healing modality that can open the being to a fresh and powerful way of healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual which restores the being to wholeness.

In 1995, inspired by Reiki Masters Denise and John Crundall and their Centre in Melbourne, Australia, the Toronto Usui Reiki Centre opened, offering the community a place to heal, learn, volunteer and expand to become more of who we truly are and to inspire people to heal in a new way.

While the Centre no longer has a physical building, it continues through its many classes, workshops and retreats, to offer to the community opportunities of going to a greater depth of understanding of self, another and the world, and taking responsibility for our part in it.

The Toronto Usui Reiki Centre is run by a group of volunteers dedicated to healing, offering Reiki treatments by donation.

Reiki classes, workshops, meditation and retreats are also available to expand your ability to heal. Become a part of this amazing journey and let the healing begin!